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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Wild Strength Program

I'm currently finishing the rough draft of a book I'm writing about strength and conditioning training called the Wild Strength program.  When I've completed the manuscript and have copies to sell, you'll be the first to know!  For the curious, I've posted the first few paragraphs of the introductory text.  If you like what you read, let me know and I'll post tidbits of the other chapters in future blogs.  Happy reading!

What does Wild Strength mean to me?  Wild Strength (WS) is a way of strength training that doesn’t rely on technology or power to follow.  WS means strength training the way it used to be done in days gone by.  WS is a program based on strength activities that wild men and women, namely hunters and gatherers, perform in order to survive and thrive in the natural world around them. 
Wild Strength is real strength training the way it was meant to be done before the advent of technologies such as the wheel, the farm and the computer chip.  WS is based on strength training activities best suited to the human body, much the same way the caveman diet (in all its many forms) is the diet best suited to the human body. 
The human body developed over thousands of years to labour at activities that kept it alive.  Activities such as hunting, gathering, building shelters, making tools and carrying, holding and throwing heavy odd objects such as rocks, logs, tusks, slabs of meat, bones, antlers, and weapons, were fundamental physical activities humans participated in (and still do in parts of the world) to ensure their survival in the wild. 
Without them knowing, they built their health and strength to very high levels using these methods of survival, levels that would rival any modern professional athlete.  Because WS is a program based on what humans did prior to the agricultural revolution (and still do), it is a program that all humans can follow and a program that all humans did in fact follow in ancient times.
Wild Strength is the one and only program that is designed to fit homo- sapiens genetic make-up and physical body.  Everyone trained this way once, and with the introduction of the WS program, everyone now has access to the type of program that removes all the guesswork from strength and fitness training for the human body. 
Some fitness programs are based on what animals do in the wild; some are based on what our closest cousins, the apes, do in the wild; and some are based on older civilizations such as the Spartans, the Greeks, the Indians, the Japanese and many others in an attempt to discover the best methods for training the human body. 
Whilst these programs offer some insights into fitness training for modern humans, this program goes back even further in history to discover the common activities amongst all cultures before they formed, by examining ancient mans activities at their most basic level. WS encompasses all ancient and modern training programs in a systematic, scientific, and practical manner without confusing or segregating any part of the human population.
Wild Strength is the only program that sheds light on how humans are meant to move their bodies in order to build super-human levels of strength and fitness.  It focuses on homo sapiens when they first appeared on the planet tens of thousands of years ago and also on human hunter-gatherer tribes that still exist today.  By doing so, it gets to the heart of the matter, by revealing how we as a species should be exercising. 

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