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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Transitioning to Paleo

Hi All,

As a strength coach I get asked lots of questions about training and diet. While I try to answer as many training related questions as I can, I don't usually give advice on diet because it's a highly individual thing. I can only offer my experiences on different diets I've tried for myself.

Since going Paleo a few months ago, I've been asked how I did it. This I can answer with some degree of confidence, but it may not be the way everyone else in the Paleo world has done or is doing it. You see, I'm not one to go cold turkey on anything - I need to warm up to it first by adopting changes gradually.

I started by replacing my usual breakfast of yoghurt and oats with boiled eggs. On Sunday night I boil up enough eggs for the next two or three days, and eat two each morning with my cup of tea. I did this for weeks before I felt ready to include more changes.

I then replaced my lunchtime sandwich with meat, 1/2 avocado, tomato, and carrot and a few nuts. I stuck to this for another few weeks til I was ready to eliminate carbs from dinner too (usually potato). I also cut down on beer during the week until I was only drinking a few on Saturday. I substituted beer with black tea in the late afternoons.

I would love to say it was an easy transition but it wasn't so smooth. Some days I'd eat a wrap for lunch or a muesli bar for afternoon tea. But I found reintroducing yoghurt and fruit as a snack helped. And I didn't experience a great deal of weight loss as touted by the Paleo gurus. I did notice I needed less sleep and I felt generally more comfortable in the belly (without the hunger pains), so I'm still committed to the Paleo way. Time will tell.

I hope these suggestions help you if you're struggling to transition to Paleo. Speak soon!

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