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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy New Year

Hi All,

A little belated I know, but happy new year anyway.  I've been busy doing lots of writing and drawing over the break and am in full swing again this year.  I finished the 11 page script for Killeroo which will be published in June/July (three pages are displayed on my deviantart site).  I've also just finished a three page script for Decay which should be out in March.  I'm busily redoing my 12 page Stealthmode comic for issue 8 of Ashcan due out late this year.  After advice from The Soldier Legacy's Paul Mason (thanks Paul!) at Brisbane Supanova last year, I felt the original six pages of art weren't up to standard so I've redone them and am adding six more pages.  I've attached the superseded pages here.

Also, I've completed my manuscript for Wild Strength and the cover artwork.  Just need to get it proofread before I launch it on Kindle in June.  At the moment, I'm busy writing articles for Aussie Ironman Magazine and MILO as teasers for the book which will hopefully be both published in June to coincide with the book launch.

I'm also working up concept artwork and thumbnails for a six page comic script for Home Made, and another eight pages for the Ace Comics competition.  Phew! A busy few months ahead.  Couple this with full-time work, training, and Supanova in April and Comiccon in July, and my head is already spinning.  Anyway, got to go...Be well!

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