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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Comic Art

Hi everyone,

I'm real busy right now doing tons of art stuff and writing up a storm.  I just received the latest MILO and my article came up good (even if the toon is a little small).  I've submitted my next one and am working on another.  Also I'm doing a rough draft for my next article for Aussie Ironman and of course doing lots of Gym Follies toons.

I'm getting right into comics and comic book art and writing.  My favourite comic at present is Aquaman (DC's new 52).  Some amazing artwork and stories in the series so far.  My new favourite shop is Comics Plus in Southport.  Lots of great new comics and plenty of other stuff.  When you're next in the Gold Coast, check it out - they're about to move to Nerang Street.

Whilst we're on comics, look up the Supanova website and book a date to see the expo.  I'm going to the Gold Coast event in April and hope to network with the industry's best writers and artists.  Very exciting stuff!  There will be lots of other stuff there as well - gaming and trading cards etc.  I'm taking my son who will be wide-eyed at the gaming booths.  Anyway, here's a sample of my comic art so far.  Very crude and probably too much blacks, but a valiant first effort I say.  Till next time, train your brain as well as your body!  Ken

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